Tok Mix

TOK MIX is a savoury taste for multiple use. As an outside colouring and taste material on f.i. chicken legs, lamb chops, porc chops, fish fillets etc.

The reddish colour is very decorative and gives a lot of products a better eye appeal.

But TOK MIX is more; it can be very useful as taste maker in soups, sausages, marinates, gravies, fast foods, seasonings, spice extracts and even animal feed and fish bait.

Next to salt, M.S.G. and Caramel as taste supporters, the real taste comes from the combination of herbs and spice such as: Paprika, Celery, Clove, Coriander, Nutmeg and half a dozen more.

The price is attractive and the taste goes a long way!

We selected TOK MIX as name, because it is mostly used as outside decorative flavouring for chicken legs and wings!