Baker’s Delight

Taste-4-All, Clean Label Flavour. 100% Natural.

About 10 natural ingredients are part of the Baker’s Delight flavour. Even when you smell the fragrance of this flavour, it brings you back to a fine pastry bakery. That is what natural ingredients do!

How to use Baker’s Delight depends on the phantasy of the user. Some will use it as a total flavouring for cakes or pastry. In such cases it will give your cake a very special, almost spicy taste impression. Mostly underlined by a darkish colour.

Others use Baker’s Delight in various products, as a taste booster. Just to give the product a little extra palatability.

In the biscuit industry it is used as taste promotor. If a biscuit has a flat, non-distinguished taste, a little bit of Baker’s Delight will make a big difference.

Understandable that advise dosages are of little use. One has to find the optimal taste experience via tests and trials. Clear that, if used as the one and only flavour in a bakery product, the dosage should be much higher than if used as a support flavour in a bakery product.