Flavour of the House

Taste-4-All. Clean label.
100% Natural.

Flavour of the House is a versatile mix of warm and fragrant spices. The idea is based on the North African “Ras el Hanout” spice mix.
Arabic spice merchants, restaurants, shops and even households often have, under the name Ras el Hanout, their own special spice mix for day to day use.

With the name Flavour of the House, we created a similar spice mix of brown golden colour, centering around cardamom, cinnamon, clove and with a spicy kick. Together a blend of 9 different spices. In total a 100% natural products !

For use in marinates, as condiment in rice or vegetable dishes or as rub on meat, chicken or fish.
Also very suitable for BBQ preparations.
Flavour of the House is as well an excellent product for various seasonings or as addition to canned products, vegetable-, meat- or fish-based.
In the sausage and meat processing industry, a small addition of Flavour of the House will give the products a pleasant spicy taste signature.
(At home we sprinkle Flavour of the House sometimes over our boiled potatoes).

A product with almost endless possibilities!