Lavandula Powder

(Ground Lavender Seeds; 100% natural)

Taste-4-All, Clean Label Flavour.

A taste as old as the world; used by many French restaurant chefs, but yet quite unknown in the spice and herb industry!

Lavandula Powder is a valuable additive in spice recipes, if you require a fresh almost flowery slightly bitter taste effect. To meat, fish, sausages and rice Lavandula Powder gives a remarkable Mediterranean touch.

It is also a good taste “supporter” in marmalades, jams.
Wine makers who add 0,1% – 0,3% Lavandula to their wines during the maturing process will definitely support a more fruity taste.

In case you are a spice/herb dealer producing small consumer packing, pure Lavandula Powder packs make a fine product for the more daring home cooks for their fish and meat dishes.

A handful of Lavandula Powder on the barbeque fire already gives a taste boost to the B.B.Q.ed products.

If the above mentioned ways of using Lavandula do not appeal to you, may be small bag packing for hanging in the clothes closets does !

In short, a pinch of Lavandula Powder goes a long way !