Unusual Cookie

Taste-4-All, Clean Label Flavouring,
100% natural.

Specially for biscuit and cookie manufacturers this flavour might be very interesting.

If you want to make a product with a Western European taste like for instance Speculaas or Speculoos, the UNUSUAL COOKIE flavour is your answer. More so, if Speculaas-taste is yet unknown in your country.

With a dosage of  8 – 10 grs per kilo dough you will get a taste which probably nobody has in your country. It is classic, timeless and extremely suitable with tea or coffee. Why? Because the taste is best described as herbal, with mild bitterness and very light fruity side effect. Test it and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Unusual Cookie Flavour (may be combined with a little cocoa) is also an excellent base to make a sandwich spread in the same style as peanut butter. Specially kids will love a slice of bread covered with such a “Speculoos” spread.

In short, Unusual Cookie Flavour is a select product to produce a totally new consumer product.

Reminder: it is a 100% natural flavour!!