Four Season Mix

Taste-4-All. Clean label. 100% Natural.

Four Season Mix is a very versatile herb and spice mix in coarse-grained particles of various colours. The colours are similar to the various colours available during the four seasons in Northern Europe, hence the name Four Season Mix.

Not only the taste but also the colours and the size of the particles are making this product suitable for many applications.

The main ingredients are tomato, paprika, cumin, curcuma and they make the Four Season Mix very suitable for flavoured bread or herbal cheese. A dosage of 40 grs per kilo dough or cheese is given already a nice optical and taste effect.

In dry soups, sausages and other meat products the colour variety and the coarseness of the flavour mix, plus of course the taste, give very good results.

In seasonings and marinates this flavouring contributes highly to the taste.

Repacked in small packing, it is a useful product for household use.

And … never forget that Four Season Mix is 100% natural!